Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Annoyed by Tipping

I'm annoyed by having to pay $3 to have my pizza delivered and then feeling guilted into giving the delivery driver a tip because we live in a society where tipping is expected. Why should I have to tip when I am already paying a delivery charge? You can't walk into a store these days without seeing a paper cup at the till with "Tips" written on the side surrounded by some poorly drawn flowers and happy faces.... Yes, I am talking to you Starbucks.

What happened to the days when tips were earned? A gratuity provided on the basis of great service and going the extra mile. How many times have you gone to a restaurant and had miserable service, yet still tipped the waitress at the end of the meal? How many of you have caught your eye on the "Tip" cup and hesitated just long enough to have that little voice inside your head persuade you to drop your change inside? For what? So some high school kid making $9 an hour to pour coffee can buy a shiny new IPOD? C'mon!

I must say, when it comes to tipping, I can't help but side with the infamous Mr. Pink on the issue and from this day forward will be submitting my tipping policy to a much higher level of scrutiny. Tip when it is deserved not because it is expected or it will only get worse. Where will the tip cup pop up next? McDonald's? I am annoyed by tipping, what annoys you?

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