Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Annoyed by People That are in My Way

I'm annoyed by people that get in my way and seem oblivious to the world around them. Be it the person who leaves their cart in the middle of a grocery store aisle while they gaze off into their own little world beyond the shelf in front of them, or the guy who insists on slowly drifting left down the aisle, avoiding all traffic laws, as you are clearly making your way down the right (as you have from the start of the aisle) while pushing a cart/stroller/person in a wheel chair. He doesn't care, he won't even make eye contact, he keeps moving left until you feel forced to shuffle out of the ignorant bastard's way. Shimmying your gear around him in a pull & drag fashion like your moving a fridge out from the wall to clean behind it. He will not even acknowledge your presence.

This issue extends far beyond the grocery store, these people do it in vehicles, at work, entrances to buildings. It's an epidemic. Wake up people! Show some respect and common courtesy to your fellow man. People that get in my way annoy me.

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